Now that you have chosen CBC to assist you with your benefit needs ...

we would like to welcome you and provide you with easy navigation tools that can be used to support you and your employees.  We would also like to introduce you to our extraordinary staff behind our VIP Service Team. Click on “Our Team” to learn a little bit more about the people dedicated to supporting your company.
________________________________________________________________________ is a portal to your dedicated VIP Service Team. This portal is designed to provide direct resources to you, your employees and their dependents. Insurance can be confusing and the VIP Service Team is here to help you with anything from simple questions to complex claims issues. You can also find information on the Carriers we are contracted with in your area and use the helpful Carrier links to search for providers and forms that can be used to administer your benefit plans.

How we “make a difference.” Our team will ask you how they can make a difference in the level of service you receive from CBC. They will be able to assist you with billing and enrollment issues, and also provide claims advocacy and benefit assistance to your employees.

Single Call Resolution - Don’t be surprised when we initiate a third party call to get your issue resolved immediately. Our focus is to get you the answers you need the first time you call.

Issue Tracking - If you do not wish to conference in with a third party OR your issue requires follow up, we will set a follow up date to track your issue and then we will call you back with your issue resolution.

24-Hour Email Turnaround - We know you’re busy. Shoot us a quick email with a question or issue and we will return your response within 24 business hours.

MyWave - The MyWave Portal is an online Web center offering time-saving tools and resources that build convenience into everyday work tasks for Human Resources and Benefit Administrators. Click on the MyWave button on the CBCVIP home page for direct access.

 Information & Resource Center
 Direct Access to CBC Colleagues
 Benchmarking & Surveys for Plan Comparison
 Access to the HR Community

You can correspond with your service team by phone, email or chat M-F 8am-5pm PST.

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